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Nutrifield Coco A&B 5 ltr

Nutrifield Coco A&B 5 ltr

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Nutrifield Coco Nutrient is the best choice of nutrient when growing in coco fibre substrates.Due to the nature of the coco medium itself, one nutrient is sufficient for the entire life cycle of the plant and will provide optimum nutrition across both vegetative and flowering growth, with the only difference being the rate of application; this greatly simplies the nutrient schedule for the grower.Nutrifield COCO contains all the essential macro, secondary and micronutrients required during plant growth, with added calcium for cell wall strength.The added calcium also ensures magnesium, potassium and phosphorus will leach from the coco fibre substrate at precisely the rate it is needed by the plant, whilst also providing calcium as a secondary nutrient to the plant.Nutrifield Coco A+B is a perfect base nutrient for all stages of plant growth in coco, but the performance of any nutrient will be enhanced with the use of additives specific to each plant stage. For example, Fulife and Cargo Boost will help to speed nutrient uptake and enhance metabolic process during both growth and bloom, whilst PK heavy will allow the plant to engorge on potassium and phosphorus late in the flowering phase, thus enhancing yeild and weight retention. Other additives such as Crystalic and Flavour saviour help the plant to produce more essential oils and retain sugars in bloom phase, and as such are a wise addition for the grower seeking to get the best quality yields from their crop.Rates of application will vary according to starting EC of water solution used.Rooted Cuttings/Transplants - 1.5ml/L (0.6-1.2EC)Vegetative Growth - 2.5ml/L (1.2-1.6EC)Pre Bloom - 2.5ml/L (1.0-1.6EC)Early Bloom - 3ml/L (1.2-1.6EC)Bloom - 3.5ml/L (1.2-2.2EC)Late Bloom/Ripening - 2.5ml/L (1.0-1.6EC)As with all nutrients and systems pH must be maintained between 5.5-6.5 to ensure the nutrients are available to the plant.Select your required volume from the drop-down menu located to the right hand side

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