Alcohol Content in Wash Calculator

Use your Original Gravily taken at the start of you ferment along with your Final Gravity after ferment to calculate you ABV%.

This can be used for all types of alcohol ferments. Beer, Cider, Wine or Spirits.

Distillate To Water Calculator

of wash at % alcohol
through a still that collects its distillate at %
should result in alcohol collected

Use this to calculate the potential amount of spirit you will produce based on your Wash and Still.

You Can Use the Alcohol Content In Wash Calculator to figure out your ABV% of Wash

The ABV% that your still produces at is the % you are left with when all your distillate is collected.

Pot Stills Typically Produce Between 60 - 80% ABV

Reflux Stills Typically Prodcue Upwards of 90% ABV

Spirit Dilution Calculator

Use this to Calculate the amount of water you need to dilute your current spirit to a lower strenth.

We have provided the Final Volume of Alcohol you will be left with as well.

Create a Volume of Alcohol at a Certain Strength

To makeLitres of% alcohol using% alcohol
UseLitres of Alcohol
andLitres of Water

Use This When You Want to Make A Specific Strength Alcohol At A Specific Volume

This Calculator Only Works When The Final ABV % Of The Spirit Is Lower Than the Original Spirit Used

Spirit Fortification Calculator

Use if you have a weak spirit that you want to make stronger.

Spirit Blending Calculator

Spirit Blending Calculator

Use this Calculator When Wanting To Mix Differnet Spirits Together With A Different ABV %

Use to Create Your Final Product At A Specific ABV or Volume.