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Canna - Cannazym 5L

Canna - Cannazym 5L

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Introducing CANNAZYM - a premium enzyme product designed to accelerate the breakdown of dead root material and activate beneficial micro-organisms, resulting in a range of benefits for your plants. Enzymes, known for their catalytic properties, are essential for various biological reactions, including digestion in living organisms.

Let's explore the advantages of CANNAZYM's enzymes:

1. Transformation of dead roots: CANNAZYM's enzymes play a vital role in converting lifeless roots into valuable minerals and sugars. These components serve as a rich source of nutrients for your plants, ensuring their nourishment. With over 12 different types of enzymes combined with vitamins and extracts of desert plants, CANNAZYM not only enhances nutrient uptake but also strengthens the plant's defense system. The added vitamins stimulate hormone production, further contributing to plant health.

2. Stimulation of new root growth: The easily absorbable vitamins present in CANNAZYM stimulate the formation of new roots. This promotes overall plant vitality and enhances its capacity to absorb essential resources.

3. Prevention of harmful bacteria and molds: Dead roots create an ideal breeding ground for harmful molds, posing a threat to the health of your plants. CANNAZYM combats this issue by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and molds. By preventing rotting and the accumulation of toxic substances, CANNAZYM significantly reduces the risk of disease and minimizes stress on the plant, allowing for uninterrupted growth.

4. Improvement of soil environment: The rapid breakdown of root remains facilitated by CANNAZYM creates a balanced hydrological regime and enhances aeration in the root environment. This leads to optimal conditions for healthy root development and overall soil improvement.

5. Essential for substrate reuse: If you plan to reuse substrates for growing, CANNAZYM becomes indispensable. It swiftly breaks down root remnants, transforming them into beneficial nutrients while preventing infections. Moreover, CANNAZYM enhances the air-to-water ratio in the root environment, creating an optimal growing environment. You can utilize CANNAZYM throughout the entire growth cycle to reap its benefits.

By incorporating CANNAZYM into your plant care routine, you ensure the efficient breakdown of dead roots, activation of beneficial micro-organisms, enhanced nutrient absorption, prevention of harmful molds, improved soil conditions, and overall plant resilience. Experience the transformative effects of CANNAZYM as it optimizes your plant's growth cycle.

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