Why do people choose cigarettes over e-cigarettes

The more important question is? Why do people even smoke cigarettes? 

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There are various reasons. Peer pressure. Exposure. Stress. Curiosity. The list goes on.

Why do they continue doing it even if they know it’s not good for their health?

Addiction. More specifically, addiction to nicotine.

Nicotine in its pure form is harmless. You need a very high degree of heat to turn it into vapour. Getting your nicotine fix from burning tobacco happens when combustion releases this along with 4000 other chemicals designed to assist this process into your body.

Your body then undergoes a chemical change, a metabolic process that releases dopamine thereby our pleasure centre to enjoy the sensations from the cigarettes.

This is why cigarettes are so addictive. It is the nicotine and the chemicals associated with it and dopamine in our body that makes it so.

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The more dangerous aspect of smoking, though is its effect on the immediate person smoking and the indirect effect it has on people (second-hand smokers) around. It has also recently been discovered that clothes, personal belongings and other inanimate objects touched by smokers, first or second hand, can carry carcinogenic particles that can affect non-smokers. If it can do this, how much more if you’re the one smoking that cigarette?

It’s a good thing that more people have begun to realize that the harmful effects of cigarette extend not just to the smoker but everyone around him or her. It also affects the environment.

When e-cigarettes came into existence, it wasn’t taken as seriously as it is now. What was once a novelty item to pique the curiosity of onlookers has now become a legitimate smoking cessation tool. It has also improved in its manner of nicotine delivery to hardcore smokers looking for that dopamine fix without the harmful effects of smoking tobacco.

There are also variants of e-juice that contain very little to no nicotine. This is for those who only see this as a recreational device emulating the act of smoking.

The rise in popularity of cig pods and nic salts have made it even more viable for long-time smokers to switch over to a relatively safer alternative. Studies have also shown that nicotine dependency and addiction has allowed long-time smokers to quit smoking completely.

So, if you’re thinking of smoking a cigarette right now. Why not consider vaping instead?


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