Prime Virginia Tobacco seeds. 1000 approx.

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Tantalizingly easy to grow and prepare, it offers huge financial savings to smokers. No wonder it’s flying off the shelves! Ideal for NZ conditions, the seeds we sell are harvested fresh each year from a NZ grower. Tobacco plants grow like wildfire and produce heavy yields. Literally, a few plants in the garden will provide enough tobacco to last a smoker all year. Sounds unbelievable “Never having to pay for tobacco again” but it’s a fact. This pack contains approx 1000 seeds along with instructions to get you going.

Will grow on almost any soil type, loves heat, rain and will even stand up to frost. Continues growing through NZ winters and virtually pest resistant. If you can grow weeds, you can grow tobacco.

It is totally legal to buy and sell tobacco seeds. It is totally legal to grow and smoke your own tobacco.

It is ILLEGAL to sell or distribute home grown tobacco as a finished product.

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