Thermal Controller Thermostat



External Thermostat for Fans, Heat Pads or Heaters.

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This unit allows the grower to change between a cooling thermostat and a heating thermostat, with a flick of a switch. Place the probe where you want the temperature to be measured.

Cooling thermostats are often used with exhaust fans. Set the temperature you require, the fan will then turn on when the room temperature goes above this setting and then off when it goes below. This helps keep your area from getting too cold in winter, as your exhaust fans only need to operate when the temperature rises above your set level.

Heating thermostats are often used with heat pads. Set the temperature and the heat pad will turn off when the temperature goes above the setting, then on when it goes below.

The heating thermostat can also be used to turn a heater on until the room temperature reaches your desired setting, turning off when this point is met. When the temperature drops below the desired range, the heating thermostat will turn the heater back on.

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