Silika Magic 1L Flairform



SilikaMajic helps produce stronger and healthier plants by introducing silica into the root zone. Once the roots have absorbed the silica it deposits it into the cell walls, creating a solid ‘quartz-like’ matrix.

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SilikaMagic also helps in increasing the weight and shelflife of fruit (due to its stronger cell walls), increases the plants tolerance to high temperatures and improves the healing rate of pruning wounds. SilikaMagic has a 10 year shelf life if kept in dark and dry environment.

SilikaMagic is suitable for all types of mediums (soil,coco and hydroponic) and is used at a rate of 0.1ml to 0.2ml per litre.


The best dosing technique to adopt when using additives that increase pH significantly (e.g. silika and PK additives) is to add them to water and adjust the pH down to ~6 prior to adding the nutrient. If the nutrient has already been added, pre-dilute the additive in a seperate volume of plain water. After this solution is added to the nutrient solution, immediately lower the pH to below 6.5. A white, cloudy percipitate (calcium sulfate) may form where the pre-diluted additive initially merges with the nutrient solution. However, because the particle size of percipitate is small, it will rapidly re-dissolve if the pH is immediately re-adjusted.

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