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Flavor Savior is a blend of components from the earth and the oceans designed to aid plant growth and promote flower production.

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Flavor Savior™is a blend of components from the earth and the oceans designed to aid plant growth and promote flower production. The structural polysaccharides in Flavor Savior™ have the ability to help improve the cell structure of the plant, making it stronger and able to support more weight. Flavor Savior™ promotes the production of carbohydrates to raise yield and helps prevent fruit rot. Using Flavor Savior™ has the added useful side effect of reducing stress levels in plants as well as aiding with increasing micro-organism activity. The mixture contains Potassium which thickens the plant cell walls, assists in the production of chlorophyll, and encourages the development of strong fragrances and more flavorful fruits. In addition, you can regularly apply the formula without risking an overdose.

Spontaneous Plant Growth

Flavor Savior™ is a unique natural blend specifically formulatedto stimulate spontaneous plant growth. An exceptional combination containing the best of the ocean and earth,Flavor Savior™helps enzymes participate in cell metabolism and also contains phyto-stress relievers which allow plants to concentrate their energy on accelerated growth.

Faster Flower Formation

Flavor Savior™ helps activate and stimulate enzymes that promote improved growth, amplify carbohydrate production (brix levels), improve cell metabolism, reduce fruit rot and are ideal to relieve stress affected plants. Flavor Savior™ supplies plants with what they need for outstanding floral development ensuring robust flowers free of abnormalities.

Optimizes Aroma & Flavor

Flavor Savior™ enhances the plants flowering response by increasing the rate of photosynthesis which in turn promotes greater brix level production leading to steady flower development. Plants will produce incredible aromas, colors, &flavorswhen given Flavor Savior™resulting in better looking, better tasting and better smelling finished product.





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