Nutrifield Elements Bloom



A true technical milestone has been achieved with the unrivalled formulation of these special blends of Nutrifield Elements Bloom. Extensive scientific plant trials were conducted to understand nutrient reactions in multiple growing mediums and systems for the development of Nutrifield Elements Bloom.

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Nutrifield Elements Bloom is a professional horticultural flowering nutrient. Nutrifield Elements Bloom contains 13 essential macro, secondary and micronutrients with amino acid complexes to provide optimum nutrition during the generative or flowering phase of any plant.

Nutrifield Elements Bloom and corresponding Grow nutrient are suitable for all hydroponic, soilless or soil systems.

Although the Elements Bloom system provides optimum nutrition, by utilising the complete Nutrifield system, I.E combining Elements with Cargo Boost, Fulife, PK Heavy, Crystalic, Bud Burst, and Flavour Saviour, the grower is able to achieve yeild mass and quality far above the accepted median. The additives in the NF range help to increase essential oil production, enhance the rate of metabolic processes to allow the plants to make better use of the available energy, and improve taste and weight retention after harvest.


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