Mangrove Jacks Classic Dublin Stout


Very dark and very hoppy. A rich beer of great character, best served at cellar temperatures.

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This Mangrove Jack’s recipe kit contains ingredients to make a classic Dublin dry stout. This pack helps create a smooth, creamy stout using roasted barley and hops to give a ruby-black colour and a delicious taste. This recipe uses a Mangrove Jacks Irish Stout Beer kit can.

Makes 23L

Kit Includes

1 x Mangrove Jack’s Irish Stout 1.7kg kit

1 x Irish Stout enhancer pack 1kg (contains dextrose, malt extract, black malt grains, lactose, hops)

1 x Dark, unhopped dry malt extract 500gm

1 x Mangrove Jacks British Ale Yeast 6gm

1 x Liquorice stick


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