Bubble bags ( Ice hash bags )


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Bags are 1 gallon and 5 gallon

1 gallon (4 litres)
5 gallon (20 litres)

How to use your Bubble Bag:

1. Place bags into bucket, starting with the lowest numbered bag and ending with the largest numered bag.
2. Fill bucket with cold water enough to cover the bags
3. Add your dried or frozen plant trimmings
4. Fill bucket with ice to the top of the bags
5. Stir the ice and plant trimmings for 10 to 30 minutes and let sit & settle for 20 to 40 minutes
6. Pull out the bags one by one, draining away the water
7. Use spoon or small scoop to remove plant extract from the bottom of each bag
8. Use Pressing screen to separate, dry and press herbal extract
9. Hand wash bags with cold water to remove any leftover residue & re-wash process if needed.
hint1: Some people prefer to do the mixing/stirring in a bucket first, to reduce wear on the bags.
hint2: There are many great videos on youtube detailing the process

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4 litre, 20 litre

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