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About the Airscream

The Airscream Air pop pod system is a closed pod system offering easy to use mechanisms and plenty of choice.  It is a plastic internal battery, with around a 500 mAh internal battery.  It has a charging connection on the bottom and small white indicator light on the side of the device.  It is an auto draw system with no buttons to fire.  Charging via the usb dock is achieved via a USB port and charges in around 45 minutes.

The pods themselves come in a variety of different flavours with plenty to be found on the website.  They are a 1.2 mil capacity pod with wide airflow and snap into place with a click into the pod system.  There is no priming, simply connect and vape, with the curved top ensuring no accidental pod release from the device.  The pods come in at 5% nic salt (50mg) and 3.6% (36mg) strengths.

Airscream Pros

  • The battery life on this device , it will easily last all day, into the next day before you have to recharge. Charging time as well being under an hour means you won’t be without it for too long also, very convenient for vapers. The indicator light on the front is nice and bright, a little hard to see in daylight but overall indoors it will be very clear when the device is firing and when you need to recharge.  The connection port is very secure without any accidental pod release and it does take a little force to remove the pod, which increases security of the pod itself.
  • the flavour from these is absolutely fantastic compared to similar devices on the market.  With a range of different flavours available, the flavours don’t come through as muted despite the system and you get a lovely big blast of flavour from each one.
  • There is much wider airflow on the pods compared to others out there which again is a big pro as it allows bigger hits to be taken to give a much bigger throat hit.
  • The bigger nic levels is a pro in the sense that for a ex smoker, this will curb their cravings much more effectively and make the transition to vaping much easier.  The vape is lovely and smooth, with no harsh hits and the juice capacity combined with usage means one pod will last several days which is very cost effective when buying them in packs.

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