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Advanced Grandma Enggy’s F1 1L

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A team of scientists at Advanced Nutrients went looking for the best 100% organic plant potentiating ingredients in the world… and… their search led them into Eastern Europe where they were introduced to Grandma Enggy.

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Golden Fulvic Acid Aids In Nutrient Absorption, Nutrient Transport, And Enhanced Cellular Metabolism…

The scientists at Advanced Nutrients were so impressed with this process that they immediately worked with Grandma Enggy to develop a jointly designed, 100% organic, Fulvic formula for growers of high value plants like us…

A seven-step extraction process is used to create Grandma Enggy’s F-1 that directly feeds plant cells, roots and leaves to promote more aromatic flowers.

Here’s just a few more of the benefits of this Fulvic formula…

It contains hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and complex chain acid compounds necessary for plant vitality and harvest potency…

It stimulates roots, making it easier for plants to absorb essential elements…

It promotes nutrient absorption and the transport of those nutrients throughout plants…


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