Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series American Pale Ale 2.5kg

An American pale ale with a nod to the founders of craft brewing. This beer has a full malt character with hints of biscuit and a balanced bitterness. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Chinook to give it a punchy tropical fruit, earthy and grapefruit character. ABV Approx: 4.4%, Bitterness: 2.5/5, IBU: ...

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5x18L Hydroponic System

This professionally manufactured 100x100cm Hydroponic System is a continuous drip feed system designed to give maximum growing height in the grow room. The system is manufactured from water proof aqua tank material, and it is UV resistant.  It is a fully active hydroponics system to maximize the...

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The Grainfather VIII

The Grainfather is the next evolution of home-brewing. The first ever all-in-one temperature controlled mash, sparge, boiling and wort chilling kit for crafting absolute premium quality beer at home. Never before has such useability and freedom in the mash brewing process been so accessible. The...

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Copperhead Pot Still


Variable wattage boiler 1000w-2000w with copper condenser. Perfect for not only alcohol but for whiskey, bourbon and rum from traditional grain/molasses washes. Also suitable for the extraction of essential oils. 25L capacity Made in New Zealand...

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600W CULTIV8 Digital Ballast Light Kitset

. This Kit contains a 600 watt digital ballast able to run both Mh and HPS bulbs, with a dimmer and super lumen function   Digital Ballasts have advantages over traditional Magnetic Ballasts They are easier on the bulbs, as they have a soft-start function They use less power, as the...

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Beer Starter Kit Complete

A complete home beer starter kit with everything you need to brew and bottle your first batch of quality beer! Includes: 30 Litre Fermenter 30x 750ml PET Brewers bottles 1kg Dextrose Brewing Sugar Carbonation Drops Steriliser Stirring Paddle Hydrometer Italian Bottling Valve Plus a beer ...

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Brews News

28 Oct, 2015


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NEW NORTHLAND STORE OPEN NOW! Come into our new Northland store in Waipapa located 19a Klinac Lane Here you will find a complete range of brewing and horticultural equipment and consumables to make the best out of the Winterless North. We are now stocking a variety of Gladfield Malt grains in store. We can mill … Read more